We are the survivors and we can be the survivors for as long as we want to as long as every single one of us fits into a unique job as part of one picture. The ones who want to temporarily die, can. They can have the deepest most invigorating sleep rest they can. The ones who want to live, can.

You can work 9 to 5 or 5 to 9 and we need entertainment, like music and films and live porn wearing headsets and talking at the same time (teikwerdon), and inventions. Chefs, therapists, police, matchmakers, hosts on tv…

REET DIVER has the most important job. Police remander and judge for last 10 seconds.

We need every single bedroom ever to have a wall attached phone with speed dial police and ambulance and psychologists for therapy and befriending. Each phone is voice recognitioned to the name of that person.

I think everyone should go on bloggers world who has ideas to share about inventions and entertainment etc.

The most important thing is rescuing every single person and then making it impossible for them to need to be rescued from everything they need to be rescued from.

For example, dangerous factories don’t need to exist, we can just magic up the stock.

Call all of your blogs WHAT to do now for the next 10 years. Keep them in the same branch. Find your real family. Choose your favourite friends. Share your lovers of you want.



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