My abusive father…For some reason, I’m writing him a letter. It’s probably because (strangely enough) he’s been the only relative who has been trying to help me these countless years I’ve been away from home. I’m not sure if I should let him back in, though. I don’t want to be a doormat. I’m asking him if he’s supportive of LGBTQ and if he’s okay that trust will be hard between the two of us and, if he’s not, then I really don’t want to go through with it. He’s been writing me letters and, again, I’m sending one back. But…should I let him in? What if I get used again? I don’t want to be in a position like that…But I want someone to have my back. Of course, I have my girlfriend (and she’s a doll ;J), but I want family, too. I haven’t had a lot of family support in my childhood years. I consider her my family, naturally, but…I just want my family back. And I’m not sure I’ll ever have them again. If he doesn’t come, I still have her and that’s amazing…but there’s still that part of me -even though I’m 18 now, that wants a supportive father. But…again…I don’t want to be a doormat.


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