(sorry this pasted funny…I actually originally posted it in one of my groups but was told I should blog it……….continue to scroll down for the whole blog)I said back on Sept 5 2008 that if something uplifting came to me, I'd pass it on……..hey better late than never but this seems to be an appropriate place to post one of my very favorite quotes that I think about when I run out of answers:  "Do You Not See How Necessary a World of Pains and Troubles Is To School an Intelligence and Make It a Soul...."..Keats  I love this and it helps me realize that even at my lowest point my depth is deepening and my soul expanding and without experiencing what seems at the time the insurmountable (sp?) how do we grow…without struggling, how can we empathize with the person in our path and have something truly worth sharing……without struggles, pain and valleys to travel through, we would be no more than spiritual brats. We're all here for comfort, understanding and acceptance, maybe answers but without our individual struggles and successes, what could we possibly hope to offer another suffering soul??? It helps me to find meaning in my suffering and if that means I have to feel pain for awhile, then so be it.  I wouldn't be here today if another person on this site hadn't already walked thru the valley I was in and knew what to say with pure love, empathy and understanding…..I'll borrow another phrase from someone who made an impression on me and that is helping another soul along in their journey is the rent we pay to live here on this wondrous planet


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