Today, I sit outside by a toad 🐸.   He watched me water the flowers and plants.   Now, he seems to know I am sitting right here by him but is okay with it.   We are looking at the body of water together.   Pondering.  Much like my toad friend pictured above.

I feel so lonely living here in the country,The “interesting” husbands relatives living walking distance away, I am being very kind saying interesting.

I don’t work and no I am not merely lucky.   It is about lack of jobs here.  Technically, I am a domestic goddess which is a job.   Requires marriage, housework, pet care, parenting, plant care, yard work, laundry services…. Oh my! The excitement right!

Last  night I did a sleep hypnosis session to forget your ex online and it helped with pondering on the ex situation.   I have done this twice so far.  The results last in a big way for two days and after that they are more of a reframing tool.

The next one sleep hypnosis that I am going to do is for anxiety.

I feel like I live a lie that looks good from the outside looking in.  I like being able to be honest here.

I missed the clues with my husband before I married him that it wouldn’t be a healthy relationship.   It was “too” extreme with the love thing (love bombing) and now I live with the cycle of low level emotional abuse cycle.

I can deal with but it takes toll on me   It helps to share my reality.  Thanks for reading!

I hope that everyone has a lovely and content day!





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