The Day She Died


She sequesters herself to drown

She feels her body falling down

Surrounded by an ocean of madness

Filled with unbearable sadness

She drowns today


She lets her walls come back up

Curving vines blocking out all love

She opens a portal in her heart

Hoping you will find it wherever you are

She hides today


She makes the knives find their mark

Closer, closer to her heart

She sees her blood dripping on the floor

And forgets what she is living for

She cuts today


She lets your hands hold her close

This is what she needed the most

Someone to keep fighting for

A light, a path, an open door

She tries today


She falls asleep under the stars

Safe and protected in your arms

She dreams of you when she closes her eyes

And when she wakes up, you watch the sun rise.



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