I accept that I put up with the ex’s “games” and thumbs down 👎 behavior toward me.   I forgive myself for this and am wiser now for it.   I am grateful for him for the experience of learning what isn’t acceptable for me in relationships

I learned that love doesn’t mean purposely being cruel and unkind and giving just enough decency to not lose a person (bread crumbing.)

People who treat others this way tend to anxious, insecure and even depressed       They fear being rejected and abandoned so they test people (mind games) to see what they will put up with so they can blame the other person for their actions for their uncomfortable feelings (projection)  It actually releases feelings of stress for people with these people intentions! It as if they look for the weaknesses and exploit them to build themselves up!

Also, it reflects poorly on him and his character for the way he treated me:   However, he feels about it is his issue.  It isn’t my concern.  In fact how he is feeling or how he is doing isn’t my concern at all.

He lost me because of his actions.   He missed out
on being loved by someone who adored him.

😴 Sweet dreams!


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