First off Happy New Year, and most importantly I hope everyone has a safe and celebratory holiday season.

It's been a while since I last came on here. I wanted to thank everyone who has posted comments and I apologize if you questioned me and didnt reply. I am still on my Atripla, my viral loads has been undetectable for a year now, wow how time flys, my cd4 counts are in the 640's as of November work up.


Why is my mood Don't Know?.. well alot has been going on. I left my job unexpectedly to be with my grandma, to give her strength and support after she suffered a stroke and was in rehab, the doctors prognosis for he was good. I moved to Vegas on the whim, and now am trying to find a job, maybe I need to exhaust one more option, but starting to feel down in the dumps because I have so much experience in Security but I m unable to land even a security job here. Anyhow, my sister, brother and myself was left with the taksing to make the arrangements, notifications, and everything related to funeral services after my beloved grandma passed on december 21, just 5 days after I got here.. I know it is a part of life and I am not looking for any form of sympathy.

My partner is back in Hawaii as I am here in Vegas, and I really need him here, he's trying to do things back in Hawaii as try to land a job here, I am living with my family until such time I am back on my own two feet. If anyone has any connecttion to people here, PLEASE I BEG you to help me, talk to them for me, I am getting worried because I am running low on my HIV meds (Atripla) and been noticing some discharge, I havent had sex in a long time, that is a sad fact, HEHEHE, and most importantly I have NOmedical until I find a job that offers; I am limited amounts of funds. So to say the least, I am worried..


Take care everyone

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  1. PosFusion96819 11 years ago

     thank you someone and vrm

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