i have been doing so good,

i havent been thinking about you,

and i have been able to focus,

and i have been so happy,

then i was looking through stuff on my phone,

and then my world fell apart all over again,

i saw a picture of you,

and it reminded me of so much,

you were what made me happy,

what made my world go round,

what put the smile on my face,

and then all of a sudden it was over,

and now,

every night i have the same nightmare,


and over,

and over again,

and each time you just abandon me,

leaving me to die,

same thing every time,

its hard for me to focus on school,

because of you,

your always on my mind now,

and im scared of the nightmare so i dont sleep,

i cant do this anymore,

i cant have the memory of you control my life,

you dont even want me in yours,

so why should i let you control mine,

why cant you just get out of my head as fast as i left yours,

im done,

with you,

and anything that has something to do with you,

so this is me saying,


finally saying it,

just leave and let me live my life…


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