what people who dont get it do ; http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/4-things-you-shouldnt-say-to-someone-having-a-panic-attack/

This is my family. I wish I could make them understand. Somehow them treating me like it's something I made up myself makes me feel so much worse. I've even started acusing my boyfriend of not believing me, I'm doubting everyone. I feel like they all think I'm a fool. My mother says to stop researching anxiety on the internet because I'll start imagining different symptoms :S and my sister says I shouldn't be on this website reading about everyone elses anxiety because it would make me worse. My dad doesn't usually say much at all, he's usually comforting to be honest but I really think he agrees with them. I know I shouldn't care what other people think but they're my family. I wouldn't make this up and I'm definitely not imagining it. It's something that feel so rotten, it literally makes me feel like sh*t. I just want them to understand and care.

Maybe this sounds petty but when my sister was diagnosed with depression they did everything possible to help her. I know I'm older and moved out but I feel like they're dismissing my problems. They don't see how I am, I don't let them. My boyfriend is the only one who knows truely how bad I get. I just want them to know so that I can feel their support is genuine. I need them. I can't do this on my own and putting all of this on my boyfriend is so unfair. I am constantly afraid that he's going to realise one day that he can't handle me anymore. If I could get away from myself I would, 🙁 , unfortunately that's impossible.

I am sleeping so much I get headaches now. I don't see the point of getting up. My dreams are so fun or interesting. Much more interesting than my life. In my dreams I am strong and I help people. I am not this weak horrible person that I am when I open my eyes.

  1. Patient_X 9 years ago

    =( I know what you mean. Yesterday my aunt just blatantly told me that anxiety is a sign of weakness. It upset me a lot. Honestly unless it happens to them they will never understand. The only way my mom was able to accept it after so many years is when I made every single dr I went to explain it to her. It\'s like family should have to take a course on anxiety sensitivity!

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  2. acusick71 9 years ago

    I know exactly how you feel hun….no one seems to believe that you truly feel the pains and symptoms. I have been with my husband for 20 years and he cannot grasp the things I go through are real..and it has started to push him away I can tell.
    Both my parents have some mental issues and they understand and try to help me best they can being 200 miles away,,,,but the one that matters most to me just dont understand it at all. He just seems to think I can flip a switch and make it all better man do i ever wish i could but we all know you cant do that.
    So I just try to keep the negative things out of my head and the feelings of being a failure out too because some of the things people say are just because they are ignorant to the panic and anxiety because they have NEVER dealt with it at all.

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  3. misskittyfantastico 9 years ago

    I\'m totally with you on the dreams. Mine are really vivid thanks to Prozac, and when I have them I hate waking up. I finally realized why; in my dreams I never feel helpless. Honestly, usually I dream that I\'m Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I\'m addicted to the show.) It\'s like I don\'t know why I would wake up when in my dreams I\'m not exhausted, scared and irritated all the time. I wish I had a better way to explain my anxiety attacks to my family too. They always want to know what caused them, and then I feel guilty explaining that I don\'t really dislike the things I have anxiety about. Usually, it\'s that I like them and I\'m afraid to screw them up.

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  4. VividDreamer 9 years ago

    Thanks for all the comments. It makes me realise I\'m not the only one who has this problem which is comforting. I wish there was a way to make them realise how it feels. I wouldn\'t inflict this on them not really but if they could just feel how I feel at my worst even for a few seconds maybe they\'d get it.

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  5. VividDreamer 9 years ago

    felicity I never thought they didn\'t love me at all, I didn\'t have to read it on a website to know that they don\'t get it. I just happened to come across this it had nothing to do with how I feel about how they react. Thanks for the advice I will try to look at what they say more positively like you :). I hope I can be more like that.

    Thank you, It\'s good to think of it another way.

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