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No, it\'s not the type of blog you suspected (dang it!)

As soon as this happened to me this morning, I knew it was twitter and blog fodder. I ordered a delectible croissanwich from Burger King, and elected to have an orange juice on the side.

The lady at the window SHOOK MY ORANGE JUICE before giving it to me! I was taken aback. Did she think I was going to forget? Or be too lazy? I don\'t know whether to smile at her courtesy or feel violated by her presumptiveness. Because if she thought I was not going to have the will or fortitude to shake the OJ myself, and took the liberty…well that\'s just not cool. She was judging me! But if she was concerned about me getting the best OJ experience I could, and believed that somehow I am just not hip to shaking being a good conductor of OJ tastiness…that means not only was she polite, but competent in her role as BK server. In that case, I should be pleased.

The only reason I am exploring the implications of this action is because I see the Seinfeldish humor in the whole thing. That, and I desperately want something interesting (though irrelevant) to blog about.

Anyway, I have come down on the side of being pleased by this woman going the extra mile for one of her customers.

I have to wonder though…what if I\'d said "no thanks, I like to shake it myself. Can I have a different one?" What if her shaking the OJ was a compulsive habit and not courtesy. Would she have secretly shaken the new OJ outside of my line of sight, before handing it to me? Just something to ponder.

  1. Loki 13 years ago

    Oh my…..I completly understand what you meant matt !……..I think one of us should be very afraid ! 

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  2. j_powell01 13 years ago

    I think you hav too much time on your I think it is as simple as, she has children. I always find myself shaking a bevrage as habit to the years of doing this action prior to giving juice to my daughters. As to the latter…..yes she probably would have shook the OJ regardless. Too funny.

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  3. damitjanet 13 years ago

    Consider yourself lucky, at my BK all you get is an attitude and your food shoved through the window, they act as if I’m bothering them by ordering from there. You did give me an idea though, next time I’m going to order oj and just before they hand it to me I’ll ask them to please shake it. I can’t wait to see thier faces.

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