I have been separated from my wife for over 4 years without filing for divorce. I am foolishly still in love with her and scared to death to try to get over her. During these 4 years she has reeled me back in between boyfriends, only to break my heart time and time again. The most recent time just 2 weeks ago, she had a fight with her boyfriend and he left her 3 1/2 hours away from home stranded. She hadn't texted or spoken to me in nearly 4 months and I get a text from her that she wants to commit suicide. I called her and she answered, told me what happened and that her kids or family wouldn't help her out…I immediately got in the car and went to pick her up. I have been seeing someone seriously for 6 months and I dropped everything to "rescue" my wife. When I got to the hotel, she said she had the room for two nights and thought it would be nice if we stayed. The next day we went to the beach and reminisced about our relationship. She told me she was through with her boyfriend after what he did and I told her my relationship was much less important than the chance to reconcile and be with the woman I still loved. She told me she wanted to get back together, she still had strong feelings for me and "we were meant to be together". We had an increadible couple of days on the beach, went home and began looking at apartments to move in to when her lease was up in 2 months. This lasted about 4 days…I broke the news to my girlfriend, she didn't take it well. I sent a text to my wife letting her know I had completely broken it off and she wasn't taking it too well. Her response was to ask me if I was sure I wanted to break it off with her…that it was understandable and okay with her if that's what I wanted. I told her absolutely not, I was in love with her and I wanted to see where "we" went. She then sent me a text…"I'm with Danny right now". If you didn't guess…that's the dude that abondoned her just a few days earlier. I sent another text asking her what she was doing…was she going back to him. She said she loved him. I called her and when she answered she put me on speaker phone where I had to talk to both of them together. I became angry and I asked if she had told her boyfriend that we had sex while we were together. She promptly denied it. Me and the boyfriend got into it and they hung up on me.

My heart was broken…I truly thought she meant what she said and that she wanted to try to work things out…something I had basically given up hope for…only to be crushed.

I sent her a couple of angry texts…she blocked my number…I have been in a downward spiral since.


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