Hi everyone – hoping you all are having a good weekend.  We saw a therapist on Friday regarding the ADD my husband has suddenly started having along with the motor mouth issues.  The therapist recommended an MRI and CAT scan of his brain – she thinks he may have lesions on his brain that is causing all of the mental issues.  It's been a rough week – his decision making has also been affected and I am struggling with the depression and anxiety that I have had almost all my life – he has threatened to leave and go to a homeless shelter to die with no treatment because of my issues with coping this week.  On a good note, I got our insurance company to approve his Marinol to help him eat and control his everyday pain – he has gained another 10 pounds in a week still needs another 30-40 to get back where he was prior to his illness.  He decided to reveal his status to his best friend and I am happy to say that his friend is accepting and a great person – he called immediately after we told him online, we didn't know that his uncle had passed away from PCP related to aids back in 1997.  He had a ton of insightful things to say as he lived with his uncle during the illness.  It sucks that his friend lives in the next state and we don't get to see them often because lord knows he needs some support besides me and my family.  His family is worthless and I hope to never talk to any of those people again.  His dad's response to his disease was to eff off, as he was busy drinking with his friends and didn't want to hear any bad news – husband hung up on him and hasn't heard from him since.  Wel that's enough of my ranting for today, I hope everyone is doing well and pray for me to hang in here and cope better.  -d-


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