I actually had a good day today. My mom and I went out for breakfast buffett then we, on a 'why not' moment, we decided to go to downtown for some shopping. We practically hit every store and as the time went by…it was getting freakin hot! And some of the stores didn't have air conditioning, just some fans. We only walked TWO blocks (didn't even hit the full downtown area) when my mom said it was just too damn hot and she no longer wanted to walk around in the heat and go into stores which felt like saunas. Although, we did buy some knick knacks and I found a great bohemian blouse for her. She was hesitant but after she tried it on, she really liked it….of course I knew she'd like it, I'm her gay son! I have good taste in women's clothing!

When we got back into my car, that was when I realized we had been out for 2 1/2 hours….for TWO blocks! Geeez, we were really taking our time! But as we were driving home, I began to feel tired. Arrived home, took a two hour nap (hmm, lot's of two's going on here) and I even thought of going out. Yes, sheltered me thought of cracking my shell a little and head on out to hit the bars. Just to get out for a little bit. Order some Cranberry juice and enjoy the atmosphere. Afterall, I haven't been out to any bars in about a year now. I thought I would…but, nope. I still feel so tired. Usually after a nap I feel refreshed and rejuvenated but this time…it's only 4:30 pm and I continue to feel physically tired.

I think I'm going to take a Xanax and go to bed early. Saturdaynight and this is how I'm going to spend it! Well, the way I see it, maybe my body is saying I need rest….take it easy. Besides,the 4th of July is next weekend and not only do I have Monday off, I also have Friday off! Four day weekend!And I do plan to push myself….or rather, encourage myself to get out and do things. Go to some events, a Farmers Market has begun here recently and that is something I definitely want to go to. Plus there's also a free concert at an outdoor ampitheater in a canyon labeled "Cool Canyon Nights".

So next weekend I'll crack my shell.Tonight, I'll take my lovely friend 'Xany', watch the Cooking Network (love that channel), water my back yard and hit the sheets early. This way, Sunday morning, I'll head on down to the Swap Meet for some outdoor breakfast and do some more knick knack shopping before the heat kicks in!

It's all good!



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