Hello to all my tribe friends, I had thought to visit each and every one of your pages to give a personal Happy thanksgiving to you all but alas my pc is runnin so very slow. So here I am instead. I wish all of you, near and far, from all over the country and some from all over the world. Thanksgiving is indeed time to give thanks for what we have and I wish what you have is worth giving thanks for. For myself I appreciate among you all the little chats we have, the messages that are as simple as hello, or have a nice weekend, to the extended talks I have had the pleasure of having at times. This community is for us to support each other, accept each other, help each other, and sometimes laugh and cry with each other. I am thankfulI stumbled across this place years ago. I will be havinga very nice Thanskgiving with all my family present where we get to catch up with all the doings of everyone, from the babies in the family all the way to my folks. Each year when the holidays roll around people ask me what I want. And each year with more conviction my answer has been getting easier, I want more time with friends and family. Lets hangout, have dinner, I will cook if you will come. Thats it. I just want to have those little bit of times where I am not the sick one amongst the family and friends that love me. This year is no different and I am so glad for the time I have. I truly do forget for a minute what some stupid disease has done to me and get to be the old Scott again. I wish the same for all of you and the very best to you and your families as the Holidays march on. So if you can,raise a glass of you favorite beverage (mine will be a special Zinfandel I order every year) and give a little silent toast tothe tribe here. I will and I will think ofyou and wish you well. Happy Thanksgiving and A Merry Christmas, and Happy New year to come friends!…Peace! Scott

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  1. bratt1166 10 years ago

     Scott I hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well!! I will be enjoying a ittle peace and quiet on Thanksgiving……….my family isn't celebrating til the weekend so its going to be a day of me time for a change!!

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