Hey guys, and welcome to my second blog. I’m hoping people in the LGBT community sees this since this post is important to me.

We all know how it feels, having feelings for someone of the same gender, not wanting to be your biological gender, not wanting to be with anyone, etc. However, what I have noticed on this website are many, MANY, confused men and women who don’t know what to think.

“Am I a lesbian?” “Am I gay?” “Do I even like anyone more than a friend?” “I hate my gender!”

We’ve asked these questions to ourselves thousands of times. Yet we don’t receive an answer. Why is that?

Heres the answer…

You’re not looking for it the right way!

“Huh? How?”

You’re talking to a dead horse, aka, your mental psyche. You can’t answer your own question without help and resources. You need help in this regard otherwise you’ll be a sitting duck!

“But I don’t have friends or family that would be willing to support me!”

Have you asked them? Have you brought it up in a subtle way? Have you reached out to them?

“Yes! They’re unwilling to help me!”

Forums! Hello? You joined this site for a reason, didn’t you? Talk to people, write blogs, ask questions, get help. That’s what support.therapytribe.com is for!

Did I sound stupid?

“Well, you’re only a teenager with little life experience-”

Shut up I’m trying to help.

I hope this post meant something to someone, because I had to go back to my middle school years (oh the pain it burns) to remember the experiences I had.

– Purae

ps…the site won’t let me post my blog due to not enough words. Fffffff lemme think of something.

Edit – someone thought it was funny to do something with this blog and remove text. If I catch anyone, you’ll be punished xx

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  1. princey17 5 years ago

    Hey can you give me your number or email or anything I can contact you with? I’m a teenage girl who really needs help finding out who I am and I’m so stressed out and my mom is not too hot about girls liking girls or anything of that stuff, I just need the support and help to find out my true identity and sexuality. Thank you!

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