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Hello All

I am a 61 year old woman living in the U K  I live alone having been out of a relationship for 2 years . Two weeks ago I had a vasovagal attack .   Luckily my daughter was with me , I was crossing the road and I lost consciousness for 2 seconds and almost fell to one side in the road.  I went to the doctors and had bloods taken . I am waiting for an ECG and the blood results I will get them next week.

This event has totally  knocked my confidence in going out alone.  I have been out with a friend and my daughter.  When I went out with my daughter I was very anxious and my vision was affected , my heart was thumping and I had a fear of falling . When I went out with my friend I felt anxious to start with but because he is male I feel safer somehow.

I went out alone 3 time walked around the block and it wasn’t so bad . The second time was stressful but not as bad as I thought . I felt a little  elated on the way back.

I have symptoms of palpitations nausea feeling a failure hopelessness helplessness . At the moment I feel in limbo as I am still waiting for the results from the doctors . I have also booked to see a councillor but have to wait until 1st June to see them .

I am trying to help myself as I have just outlined but don’t  feel I am getting any better at the moment . I am currently off work sick and feel so useless. I am hardly ever at peace I find no joy in things as I an active person and love to go out and enjoy myself.  I feel that if I am going to be like for the rest of my life theres no point in living this lonely existence.

I am hoping that this forum will help me and talking to other people will make me feel a little better .

Oh I forgot to say that around about the time of the menopause that I had a few fague episodes and I have hadthis fear  ( variable ) since then but have brushed it under the carpet for he past 12 years . Its now out in the open I have told friends and family about this .

It doesn’t seem to help though



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