Well today something a bit crazy happened!! i went into a car shop about new wheels for my car, there was a young fella in there and i was asking about the different ones i was interested in, one pair in paticular didnt have a price and i really liked them so he said to leave my number and he would get a price from the supplier and call me. Later he called me and told me the price an said to call back in if i wanted them and he would fit them, i said id call back next week as im busy with work etc. Later on when i was driving home i got a text and it was from a number i didnt know saying  'hey how are u?' and i wrote back saying who is this, and i got a reply saying  ' my name is ….. from the car shop u called into, u might think this a bit weird but i just thought u were absloutley gorgeous and i had to text u and ask u out!!!!!!!!!!'

well i couldnt believe it, firstly that someone would think i was absloutley gorgeous and secondly the craziness of the whole thing! i thought it ws realy sweet and i didnt think it was strange at all, so i texted him back and we have been texting ever since, he asked me to meet him next week an i think i am going to…

its really flattering an he seems realy nice, but he also seems like a pretty normal, straight laced type and lets face  it, im a recovering heroin addict! i know i dnt really look like i was a junkie anymore but i would hate to really like someone and then tell them , for them to be disgusted. I mean obviously if thats the type of attitude someone would have then i wouldnt want them in my life anyway but that doesnt change the fact that it would be very hurtful and i would be devestated if someone treatd me like that. Its not so much to do with this paticular guy, its just something i havent really given alot of thought to and i really should cos its a situation i am going to be in at one time or another and i am going to have to decide how i want to handle it, what the best approach is , how i can approach the situation and cause a minum amount of hurt to me an another person…. its a hard one.

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  1. KizzyT31 13 years ago

    thanks guys!! like i said its not paticurally aimed at this guy, its just something that i feel i need to give some thought as it is a situation i will enivitably find my self in ….so i guess i just need to know where i stand!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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