Kind of an icky question for fellow germaphobes…


When our toilet at home flushes, sometimes drops of water splash onto the inside of the top seat cover, which always stays up. (The idea of invisible toilet mist spraying the whole area doesn't really bother me, but the visible stuff does.) That's the surface your back would touch when sitting.


It grosses me out to have the back of my shirt touch that seatcover, but only in that I then don't want my shirt to touch unwashables like my sofa or car. I don't have to throw away the shirt, just wash it.


I've seen water drops on the actual seat too, but apparently since that would only touch bare skin and then be covered up by clothing (a barrier between skin and sofa, for ex), that doesn't really bother me.


I currently clean the bathroom about once a month. I'd prefer every two weeks, but I'm getting more comfortable cleaning AT ALL, so it'll get there. In other words, it's not gross, but not squeaky clean either.


My ocd solution lately is to have a specific tshirt to wear just for using the bathroom. I can wear it as often as needed without having to wash it between wears. I just put my other shirt back on and leave the bathroom one in the laundry pile til I either need it again or do a load of laundry.


I know this is NOT how I should do things, but I certainly don't want to have to clean the toilet every time someone uses it. That'd be even more ocd!


How do you deal with icky things like this? (I'd rather not have to do an exposure with toilet water – lol) What's a normal cleaning schedule for a bathroom (shared by me and bf)? Is this a "real" ick factor or just an ocd ick factor?


Thanks for any input or suggestions! Sorry if I grossed anyone out. 🙂

  1. telknit23 7 years ago

    This kind of thing drives me crazy, too.  In fact, I've spent way too much time thinking about the flush handle lately.   You have hit on an ingenious solution with the shirt, but I'm going to try not to adopt it :). [br][br]

    In answer to your "how often" question, I think probably once a week for a thorough cleaning with maybe an extra mid-week cleaning of the toilet and tub/shower if they seem to need it.  I don't manage this yet, for the same reasons as you, but I'm working towards it. 

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  2. MEandOCD 7 years ago

    I am also a germ a phobe and bathrooms are so yucky lol. I clean my bathroom about twice a week but that is simply because I have children and they are messy. Before I had kids it was once a week or maybe twice a month. It depended on if it was gross or not. I second the bathroom wipes idea. I use the wipes my kids use which are like cahrmin bath wipes or something. They clean and they have a plesant non-cleaner smell. It wipes up any toilet water or anything else that gets on the seat and lid. Also it is probably less caustic than cleaners. I mean I use cleaners when I clean but when I need a uick wipe down of the seat, this is what I use. Hope it helps and really the shirt is something I would have never thought of. 🙂

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