I just found this community and I’m feeling pretty good about it. Having someone to vent my feelings to is such a relief because none of my friends from school want to hear about problems that are anything more than boys and clothes. In 2018 before Christmas my parents divorced. It wasn’t exactly the Christmas present I was hoping for. Soon, my dad moved out and was living in his car. My friend’s dad was coming over quite often with my friend, so we hung out a lot. One day, our parents went out into the garage my house has while we were watching a movie. We saw some hot chocolate packets in my pantry and we went outside to ask if we could make them. We couldn’t see them just looking out the door, so we went into the driveway. We saw the overhead light on in my his dad’s truck, and he suggested we go over and check it out. I agreed and we went over. When we went up to the car my mom was in the passenger seat hiding all but her head under the window, and his dad was doing the same on the driver’s side. My mom rolled down the window, and knowing what they were clearly doing, I asked if we could make some hot chocolate. She agreed and we ran back inside adrenaline pumping through our veins thinking about what we had just walked out to. We made our hot chocolate, not knowing how bad things would get. I was sure of what they did in his truck that night when I was in the office right next to my mom’s room and I heard her badmouthing my dad and talking about what her and my friend’s dad had been doing on the phone to her cousin. In January 2019, my mother still refused to tell us about this relationship she had going on. My friend kept coming over with his dad, and to be honest it was getting rather annoying. Soon, on my birthday, my dad came out. All night my parents were just fighting and I didn’t even know why. Soon my dad found a place, and I confronted my mom about her dirty secrets. As far as I knew, she had stopped seeing him and my friend’s parents soon divorced. Sometime in April or May, my mom met a new guy and he was nice. He was an Army officer. After a couple of months it went from him hanging out for the day or overnight on the couch to him staying in the bedroom with my mom. Later on, I again was hearing what she was doing with her boyfriend. Late in the year my dad introduced me and my brothers to his girlfriend. Tragically, earlier this year in January my mothered died in a car crash. My dad moved back in. Sometime in March his girlfriend started coming over EVERY weekend. Earlier this month, I was snooping in my dad’s room (I know I shouldn’t have) and I found all sorts of love enhancers for their late-night activities. It disgusted me more than when my mom had been doing it because I have an irrational fear of moths and my room has been a perfect place for THEM to mate. I was sleeping on the couch in our living room which happens to be right next to my dad’s bedroom. My suspicions of HIS dirty acts were confirmed by an opened bottle of love oil, and a used condom in the trash. I honestly do not know whether or not I should confront him about this or what. I get stressed out very easily and cry over almost everything. Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant. I will keep posting updates on what is happening.


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