I realized that I forgot to introduce myself in my last blog, so here we go. My name is Grace. I am twelve (I do know that my profile says I am fourteen, but I accidentally put in the wrong year) I am starting 6th grade in fall. I feel… empty… broken… different in the wrong ways. When I tell my friends I feel depressed, they say that twelve is too young to be depressed. I have insomnia, so I can’t sleep until three or four in the morning most days. I have a serious procrastination problem. When I wake up all I do is go online. At school I act mean and kick the boy\’s in my classes shins and I feel horrible about it. I only do it because I feel like if I act tough and rude they won\’t make fun of me. So, that\’s me.

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  1. n-muri 9 months ago

    Hey Grace..I also have insomnia as am speaking now it literally 11pmso u try to act mean just so that they don’t make fun of you but as you typed you said it leaves you feeling horrible…alot of times we do things absentmindedly we do things with out thinking and we always end up regretting …you know what I know it’s gonna be hard you will probably feel like they will think you are weak and maybe your pride (not saying you have pride)but the thing yhat will really free you is apologising and maybe someof them will think you are faking or whatever but just let it slide because it doesnt matter as ling as you habe freede your spirit you will be fine
    I hope thAt maybe I have managed to help you I know I probably didn’t explain that well so if maybe you need me to explain anything just tell me we can talk I have lots of timebye have a lovely day

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