Good mornin Tribe … its funny how u can have so much goin on that u forget what day it is … lol

Now that I have some coffee in me, I realize it's Thursday … a brand new day

I want to let everyone know, the wedding went just as we wanted, perfect. It was small and just right for us.

The air was out, but we all did ok with it. My son, the marine, placed my hand in Roger's, which meant the world to me. He looked so handsome in his dress blues … but it did get my heart some, because the uniform made it real. He is so grown, polite, sweet and proud.

We came home after dinner with the family and actually changed clothes, fell on the couch and stayed there til bedtime! We were exhausted … lol

My heart is so much lighter knowing that things are right in God's eyes now. It bothered me so bad that we were living together, without marriage. I personally believe that is wrong in God's eyes. But yesterday, I believe that God smiled and said, Its about time!!! lol. Yes, I believe He smiles, even laughs.

I did have a lil anxiety spell last nite, but I simply prayed, reminded God of His own words (the Bible tells us too), and I made it thru it. I am standing on His Word until my health is completely restored and I am whole!!!

I hope ya'll had a great 4th … and that u have an amazing day today …

Be back later …

Love and prayers for u …


  1. miti 9 years ago

    What day is it, what day is it! It\'s the first day of the rest of your life Shelley!!! So glad the wedding went well and that you feel at peace about it. I can\'t imagine what you must have felt when you saw Matt, but I know that you should be so proud of him. . . he is doing something very important and very honorable. God will protects him. Hope you have a great day and enjoy your newfound life. Congratulations. M.

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  2. Chantale 9 years ago

    Congrats Shell and I\'m so glad everything went well. Take care.

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  3. Shelley5716 9 years ago

    when I saw him, I felt so many things, but mostly I felt that Mom thing … my babyboy is a man now … thank u both so much for the warm wishes … God bless!

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