Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to explain an experience I had yesterday that really affected my OCD for the better.  I had wanted to do something really unusual during the summer so that when I went back to school, I\’d have an answer to the question, "So, how was your summer?". 

I took my best friend and we went into NYC (we live about 2 hours away) to take flying trapeze lessons.  (Yes, I am afraid of heights).  I was quite nervous the week leading up to yesterday, and the morning before, but once I got involved in flying and working hard to master the form and movements necessary, I had a great time.  It was an impressively vigorous workout, but what surprised me the most is that while I was in the tent working, watching, concentrating, and trying, OCD was nonexistent.  Lately, I\’ve had a problem with my self-talk, you could say.  It manifests itself in the form of voices that I hear that constantly correct me.  Imagine going through your life for years with a running, negative commentary.  But like I said, once I got into the sport, the voices were gone.  Total silence.  It was a bit startling and scary (imagine living for years walking next to the same person.  Then they move away and suddenly you\’re alone), but just being able to be me and myself rather than me and myselves was wonderful.

I woke up incredibly sore this morning, but I wanted to get to my computer and let you guys know that I\’ve had a great transformation just by getting involved in something (that I hope I will continue) and encourage everyone to get into a sport.  I was never athletic at all, but apparently trapeze is a sport I\’m capable of doing, and I\’d recommend it to anyone I know.  Trapeze School New York (TSNY) has centers in NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, and I think maybe Maryland or Virgina, so maybe check out the site (newyork.trapezeschool.com) and even if you don\’t want to do that, I would highly recommend finding an activity that does for you what I think trapeze will do for me.  My OCD has been almost nonexistent today, and I hope all of yours is too 🙂  Message me anytime 🙂 and have a good day 🙂

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    bluebuddha 14 years ago

    -Good for you! Its sounds awesome!



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