Trying to update things on here. The change to this place kind of is hard to get used to, but I am gonna try. It seems as if every site seems to be about the same now in the way of social networking.

My sleep has been terrible as of late. Either been getting too much or not enough and I am sick of it.

My memory is still an issue too. Not real happy about that, but I am coming to terms with it as best that I can. I know I did things that I do not remember and that bothers me but then again, I think not knowing some of the things I did is a blessing too.

The veterans administration said they were going to work harder at helping me, but that is not happening, like usual. So I am left to fend for myself again. Gets both me and Tina upset that they are not stepping up and doing as much as needed. But, as I am learning, I am not alone in this one. many veterans are having issues all over the US getting the care they need. I saw a post online saying something like: “We can spend billions to send people to war, we should be able to spend a few million to help them when they get back.” — I can understand this. I wish the government would wake up and start understanding that is war is never over for us combat veterans, we live it everyday and even when we sleep too.

Anyway, not much else to really say. I hope to start to update things here more often but I am pretty active online in a number of places and tend to forget to stop and do things sometimes.

Oh yeah, gonna put a photo of some of my cats in here too. Took it last night for some reason.

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  1. delane 4 years ago

    My heart goes out to you, David. ***hugs***

    You’re absolutely right about America’s failure, especially where veterans are concerned! YOU are still a human being and an important part of humanity! i, personally, appreciate you.

    i saw quite a bit of the VA, when i was young, since we–as a family–would visit the hospital in Fayetteville and just ‘be’ there to give some of the veterans an ear and to let them know they still mattered. Of course, my father, uncle, brothers, etc. have been in the military, themselves, so your story hits home for me.
    Please, keep writing….

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