Has anyone else gathered enemies that really hate them, right to the core? For me, it’s also for no good reason either. I never gave them any reason at all to hate me Infact. A police man once told me it was called SUFFERING FROM FASCINATION, which I’m guessing is where they get that obsessed with you that the very living essence you give out to the world by simply being alive, possesses them to want to destroy and hurt you limitlessly. They also want to destroy every positive encounter I have had with anyone, by adding them to their list of people to eradicate and destroy. They are VILLAINS.

From the moment I reluctantly wake up till the minute I finally fall asleep to be unconscious of all this, they are watching my every move and thought. I am open so I don’t mind that that much but they are continually acting on me to destroy everything for me.

So, why am I here? Because I found this site more than 10 years ago and used it to blog when I felt like i could do nothing else, and now, I feel like I want to do nothing else other than communicate with people. How am I today? Not good as my worrying has got worse. What do I want? I want world peace by putting all the villains in prison, I want to rescue everyone, I want to see my friends. I want to do my studying and be able to actually learn things. I want to be able to navigate and have a compass in my mind. I don’t want a partner, I just want to be really good at life. I want to be nifty. I want a job inventing phones or other gadgets.

So why are you here? How are you today and why? What do you want? I would love it if you left a Comment!




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