Here are my two truths and a lie.. what are yours?

I get stared at and made fun of at school

I love myself

I have a step dad who now makes it seem like spending time with me is a chore.


You tell me which is which.

Do you think you know..? Tell me.. Do you really think a step dad and regular dad would treat their daughter as a chore. Anyone ever had their father or step father make it seem like it is hard to send a simple text.. that is the least he could have done!! My step dad hardly wants to talk anymore so I blame myself for it because we moved. My biological father didn’t want me, he couldn’t even stick around for a couple years.. everyone says He missed how great you turned out. ha really. I am a weak ass stupid girl, would anyone actually want that Yeah I didn’t think so either..that’s a truth


How about school, dealing with shitty and rude students and confusing teachers… have any of you gone to a school where there was really 0% bullying rate.. Neither have I.. That’s a truth


And now.. Finally to the lie. Day in and day out I am told that I will not love anyone until I love myself. I read quotes and listen to peoples stories about themselves and their “journey” to self love.

Did you get that joke?

If I can love anyone then how the hell am i supposed to love myself? haha.. great joke right.

I cant give myself that love I have, so I give it to others, well try to.


Love, the four letter word that is still such an enigma hat can’t even be explained. Most call it an emotion like happiness and anger, others call it “just a feelings”.

Someone explain, It cant be an emotion, this includes more than just one emotion, this is happiness, sadness, discussed, anger, and so many more. There is no single emotion related to love. Love is every emotion in a whole.

  1. What do you feel..? Butterflies, heart racing, one minute you are overjoyed the next you’ve got so much anxiety that you can even sit still. If that is love.. why can’t we feel that for ourselves if we are meant to love ourselves.




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