One of the toxic, hurtful people whose actions have left me feeling very upset and hurt; just called me.   The person acted as if nothing ever happened!

i realize the person has showed their true colors and won’t ever change/.  Yet; the situation is complicated  so I can’t cut the person 100 person out  due to complicated circumstance.

Surprise (not) the person acted as they had done nothing wrong toward me! Since, I wouldn’t address hurt feelings to a random horrible rude stranger, why would I make myself vulnerable to this cruel,  selfish, person!  I was wise and said the bare minimum to them.  It doesn’t make sense to let myself be vulnerable or except much from this person or a random person.

I protected my heart and am treating any communication with this ladies as if they are a mere stranger.   I will protect myself by not letting them know how I am really feel.

They had the nerve to be very insensitive (yet again) about their cruelty.  I see the pattern.  I accept it.   It isn’t good or okay.  My heart is guarded.

They are a thumbs down times two person.

I can be honest here but have to learn to be cautious around them in all communication.

I see the strong pattern of narcissistic behaviors and it can’t be unseen    Nor should I sweep their toxic actions and behaviors under the rug   I won’t do it.

I made myself get ready and to go somewhere while crying today.   I found a front porch wall art item for the front porch, thread art for the living room, and a fake succulent plant in a nice pot for the patio room

I talked to a fellow shopper who was happy with the clothes and decorative item that she found today.  We didn’t exchange contact information to be regular everyday friends but it was a nice reward being out of the house   It was nice talking to  someone with similar interests.   Plus, she was in the same stage or life with me and one of her adult children like mine  is a female who has moved out and moved in again.

My head hurts from all the crying I have been doing over the betrayal, cruel actions of toxic person.

Thanks for listening.

I hope that you are doing well.


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