Okay, I'm going to start with saying I have been struggling so badly with anxiety, depression, and, sleepless nights. Now, I am on my way to becoming Julian, instead of Jaynie. My family has accepted it, but others have not. This world we live in is so homo/transpobic it sickens me. I am so confident that if LGBTQ+ people stand together we can make a HUGE difference and, the world would be understanding. I ask any straight/heterosexual people reading this to research LGBTQ+ communities because if you look close enough, You'll see that we are not wrong or diffrent in a bad way, we are just normal people who are trying to live life happy. We are special, and we are in numbers. We are people, we are special, and we are LGBTQ+ for life.







If you want more of these don’t hesitate to DM me and ask for a topic or quote, Thanks – Julian.

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