So here's how the hellish day went,

I had to get up early to go with mom to her appointment as well, since hers was at11:45 and mine was at 2pm she didn't wanna have to go back home to pick me up.

Hence, After the first appointment she wanted to go out to eat,-ugh- at this place called "Paco's " she's been going there with her friend Marie like forever or something, So again I had to pull off not eating and no one else noticing.

Anyway, afterwards when it was time we went back to the place and I talked to beth, Though she wasn't much help and I didn't tell her alot of things I actually wanted to get off my mind.

then after that appointment I was dragged to errands she wanted to get finished, and it started to rain like hell again (didn't mind the rain part), oh and this is kinda off topic but while on the road today we saw like 6 car crashes

One needed the jaws of life, and it was just…eh…To be honest I wish it was me that was in the crash, and that I didn't survive.

Anyway, Plans are still on for Wednesday to go to Typhoon Lagoon, so again- freaking out-

Then earlier tonight for dinner, I COULDN'T get out of eating so I had these four multi-grain cracker things (it's like a substitute for bread at times or something,,,it's 45 fucking calories, so much!)

Anyway, so then I purged it up after I was done and they were doing whatever.

I still haven't read Griffon's response, And I don't think I will for awhile because it's just to much anxiety, and I'm just scared…

Hope everyone else had an okay day…talk to you later I guess.


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