Hello. I haven’t been on for a couple of months, mostly because I’ve been on summer break and my parents block this site and I can only access this at school. My summer was ok, I guess. I haven’t gotten any better. My days are super bad, and my nights are just nightmares. I’ve been trying to come out, but my parents have already spoken their opinion on LGBTQ. They’re ok with it, but they don’t 100% support it. I’m Biromantic, Asexual, and Requiromantic. This means that I’m attracted to boys and girls, but I have a limited to no romantic attraction due to emotional exhaustion, and that I’m not at all interested in sex. I’ve thought about dating girls, I’ve thought about dating guys. I’ve thought about myself too. I’m thinking I’m a Therian. A Therian is someone who believes and feels like they’ve lived as an animal in their last and/or past lives. They have Mental shifts, which are basically you feel like and act like an animal. and we have phantom shifts, these are where you feel like you have animal parts. For me, my therian type is a Arctic wolf. I act like a wolf, I feel like I have a tail and ears and a snout. I’ve had dreams of me being a wolf. This is not being a furry in other words, this is my identity. My parents don’t understand, they only think its being a furry. They don’t want to understand. With these, I’ve been thinking that I don’t belong and that I shouldn’t exist because of this. I’ve cut, I’ve thought about death. I’ve thought about the many thousand ways to die. I’ve attempted, I’ve run away (for 5 hours). I just needed to vent.

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  1. ilovecats2002 3 months ago

    I’m so sorry your parents don’t accept you. If you ever need a friend I am here. I hope that you find happiness someday. I don’t like when people’s families don’t accept them it makes me feel sad. Ok well I am here if you need a friend and I like the animal thing I think you are very unique and cool.

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