About me and Him

I am now 55 years old. Married for 21 years to Barry and have one 19 year old daughter, who is gorgeous in many ways

I have recently – when well enough – worked doing freelance Multimedia and web design, which I also do free for charity.

For many years over 28, I worked as a youth worker and occasionally did some teaching and lecturing ( I am a qualified teacher) 

I am not working for money at present at first due to a further operation in January 2006 on my leg which left me with mobility difficulties– I had my ankle fused and there is a long recovery period for full recovery for this – up to a year or more.

However I do much work voluntarily.

I founded a charity in 1999 which I am still the administrator for, PNI ORG UK – which is peer and mutual support for women with Post Natal Illness

Our main web site is here: http://www.pni.org.uk

our forum is here: http://veritee.proboards7.com 

And I now volunteer for a local HIV charity: http://www.kernowps.co.uk/

But I was just thinking seriously about going back to paid work – for money not voluntarily –

…………..when I began to feel ill for no reason last year. I had not felt well for years but this was different!!!

Nothing serious I could put my finger on but hot and cold sweats, extreme fatigue, memory loss, irritability with sound and light, stomach problems – nothing I or my GP could identify *****

 But I was given every test available i.e diabetes, cervical cancer, thyroid, hormones, liver test, ultrasound scan, ect, etc,etc, etc 

BUT NOT!!! a HIV test – as in the UK you have to request a HIV test and if you do not know you have been at risk for HIV you will not even think to request this!!!

I had no reason at all I was aware of  to think I had picked up HIV – as I have only had sex with my husband for over 20 years!! i did not ask for a test!!!

And then my husband became really ill – had AIDS. So – January, 20-24th 08 we discovered that both myself and my husband are HIV positive!! It has been a nightmare. See my main blog about this http://hiv-and-us.blogspot.com/


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