I wonder how the end will be. I wonder if I will have the strength to fight to that end. If you looked at me you probly couldn’t tell I was even sick. I have kept my 200+ pounds (thank you steroids). And if you knew me you would only see slight changes. but the reality is that I am sick and I am feeling it more and more everyday.

Just in one week I have been rushed to the e.r.. a total of three times. Even writing this my hand is shaking. But I am lucky. I have friends and a faith that I have never had before. It’s hard for me to lean on these friends but I have had to try here lately. And that includes you all here on the tribe. I also look to you all for strength and encouragement. Because no one else knows what you are feeling and going through except some one who has and is experiencing as well.

Yesterday I tried going to mass. After I started having seizures again. They were back to back for over an a hour till I finally asked for my priest and friend to come and anoint me. I have never asked him to do this. In fact I have always fought him in doing it, but yesterday I asked him. My friend Mitch who had been with me for days now taking care of me had never seen this annoting done before, but as Father started Mitch broke down, sobbing. Father continued and then finished then called the e.m.ts to come and get me.

I was sent home there isn’t much they can do for me this tumor is just something I am going to have to fight my way through. And fight I will.. It’s all I know how to do.

So I am writing to all you tribers keep the faith and hang strong. Oh and say Happy birthday to mischief for me cause I don’t know how to do the cute picture thing. Ok later.

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  1. Momma 15 years ago

    God bless you Bam Bam.  Remember fear is your own worst enemy.  Find the peace in yourself.  My pryers are with you.  If ever you need Anything I am right down the road.

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