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The day has started off okay so far…I'm still a little tired (wandering around the house again last night) but I have plans to go up to Barnes & Noble to buy a new journal(the one I bought is too small for a left handed person to write in sadly) and maybe get some new fish for theaquarium. I'malso planning on taking my husband some lunch and enjoying it with him. All of that should keep me busy.

It's gray and rainy again today. Blech. It's supposed to move off as the dayprogresses ~ that's hopeful. Maybe I WILL be able to go on a bike ride this afternoon after all!And maybe Aaron and Zach can come with and he can go play on his bike with Spencer, a kid his age that lives down the street. Hewould love that. 🙂

I'mproud of myself for the practicing I got done yesterday.I playedbothmy violin and viola andenjoyed it. Even though it sounded rough in the beginning by thetime I got to playing viola the sound was rich and warm and a whole lot better.

I also called up a student that I was tutoring and set up a lesson with her tentatively for this weekend. I'm nervous but I know I need to do this. It's kind of a charity thing because I teach her for free (her mother is bipolar like I am and they live on disability only) but it's good for me to because it helps me keep my teaching skills. Besides,I love this girl like she was one of the family anyway. She wants so badly to play violin beautifully, and she's halfway there. 🙂 I want to see her grow into herself as a musician.

It's going to be a good day ~ I canfeel it. I hope it's the same forall of you! And yes, I'mstill hypomanic, but it'snotas intense now soI'm just happy. Yaaay!

Peace and love to you all! (((HUGS)))

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    The weather is changing.!

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