No, no murderous thoughts (angry though) ….the title refers to the idea of F them all, let God sort them out.

My post DBT Borderline Personality friend/roomie is pulling the passive aggressive bs she's done before. Being snarky, sarcastic or not answering while I am trying to be polite.

But, I just don't give a damn. If she has a problem with something I've done or said, too damn bad… say something and I'll listen, figure out my part in whatever your issue is, and then either work with you or if it is not my problem, refer to the the blog title.

I had to put down my furry friend on Saturday past. It was extremely difficult for me, as my little cat friend was a stray I picked up (with her brother) 14 years ago. In the last 2 years, it became very much me caring for my aging cat every day. Went so far as to give her subcutaneous fluids (injecting saline under her skin) so she wouldn't get dehydrated. My previously very stand-offish feline became very much a sook during this period. So, naturally, she became more and more child-like to me. So, it was really hard when the time came to help her move on from this plane of existence.

One day after leaving the vet's office, I became sick … thought I was done with it, but yesterday and today, have aches, coughs, and am tired. My son broke his leg the week before my cat was put down, and is in dire need of some financial help. I just have official notice that I will end my career around March 31st next year, my mother has been sick and my dad just had cataract surgery and his powered wheelchair is on the blitz.

So, although my son's situation is now a little more balanced, my Dad's wheelchair just got fixed, my mom is feeling a little better and my job ending, although tough emotionally (been doing it for 31 years), is not unexpected and it will be the time to move on…. regardless of all these modifiers, I don't need a passive-aggressive, uncivil living situation with a friend whom I have helped financially to a degree most people would find hard to understand. If I can try to be polite, so can she. So if she does bring some grievances to me, if they are not what I perceive as 'rational' or 'fair' I will ask her to try to find happiness living somewhere else. A 3 to 6 month stay is now at 10 months, and without asking, she now figures she'll leave in another 6 months. That's will be plenty for me. So, she best stop giving me the gears or find someone else on whom to be surly.


And I am smiling

  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    That is a big load you've been carrying. Do you ever get to retire?

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  2. Solo_Hans 10 years ago

     Yeah, retire in 1 year. 

    Early retirement (31 years on the job), but then I get to stop doing shiftwork (2 12hr days and 2 12hr nights) forever 🙂

    My pension will get cut all to heck, but still not bad considering what other people don't get these days.

    Just a bad week. But sure wish this stupid cold would let go of me about now 🙂




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