You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: what about
Stranger: well are you prepared to hear a long story
You: yes
You: i no disconnect
Stranger: okay well actually its fairly medium length but oK
You: go on
You: this is probably about some gf bf
Stranger: okay so last june i liked this guy and whatnot and we texted for a little bit and then my "friends"decided to come on to him and stuff and
You: & whatnot
You: im listening!
Stranger: but yes, whatnot
Stranger: and ok so he transferred schools and then i ended up doing that too this year (not because of him but anyway) so now we go to 2 different schools and he likes EXACTLY the same things i do and we never to got to know each other and etc etc theres a concert coming up and nobody else likes this music except him and me annd so do i just get over him or… help me kind stranger 🙁
You: should him and go show with him?
You: first of all: what happened when your friends "came on to him" and did you fall out
You: you want to know if you were close enough in the first place to call him now?
Stranger: well one knew he played soccer so she was playing that shit up even though she doesnt even like soccer, and the other is a whore who told him she'd "BANG HIM SO HARD" and he told her she was pretty (wtf no she is not actually!) and I'm polite and classy so we eventually stopped talking. but yeah i feel like it'd be weird to text him after all this time, he probably barely remembers me/ remembers me as some girl whose friends just started talking to him
You: oh hell to the no
You: how long ago was it
Stranger: like so long. i only remembered him cause of this concert. like, june of last year. BUT THIS SHIT KILLS ME CAUSE HE LIKED ME UNTIL SOMEONE OFFERED TO BANG HIM SO HARD AND WE LIKE THE EXACT SAME THINGS AND yeah i should get over this shit
You: are you facebook friends
Stranger: I don't have one but he has my number
You: hmm
You: whats the music
Stranger: Joanna Newsom. hes so indie but I feel like if i texted him he'd think i'm some weird girl who never got over him which isnt the case here.
You: if he liked you once and didnt ever..dislike you…you can always contact him and ask him directly and frankly about the concert and you remember he liked the music and you have no one to go with
You: you know..the the honest truth
You: your motives are pure
You: sure you definately should
You: its been long enough that your complications should have blown over
Stranger: yeah but I'm afraid he'd be like why the fuck are you texting me after 9 months? 9 MONTHS SOMEONE COULD DEVELOP A WHOLE HUMAN BEING BY THEN
You: call him, dont text him. and first start by asking if he remembers you! and be cheery, you know, only bring up good things
You: and ask if he still likes johanna whatever, and theres a concert, you really want to go, and no one else you know likes her
Stranger: but we didnt text long enough to even start talking about a relationship. LIKE IT WAS A WEEK OR SOMETHING AND THEN THOSE LIFE RUINERS RUINED OUR POTENTIAL LOVE.
You: a concert is not a relationship
You: you didnt fall out, its fair i think
Stranger: yes but actually going to a concert with someone means they have to stand being with you for at least 2 hours
You: yeah and they dont even have to look at you in the dark
Stranger: oh true
You: or talk (you cant hear them anyway)
Stranger: this is also true.
You: really, people go to concerts with STRANGERS on craigslist
Stranger: yeah but they dont have embarassing pasts with those strangers
You: was your past embarrasing?
You: you just said you stopped talking did he like start ignoring you….
Stranger: well its embarrassing because THE ONE WHORE was like oh she likes you and he was like thats cool, blah blah AND THEN SHE OFFERED HER SERVICES.
You: but he said cool :p
Stranger: so like idk if my feelings were even reciprocated
You: yeah shes dumb, dont mention her
Stranger: haha yeah she is but still its embarrassing for someone to know your feelings and then you're just left hanging
You: well just go as non enemy friends
You: dont mention reomantic stuff unles it comes up
Stranger: okay i'll try. just like, text him?
You: no!
You: call him, its been too long to txt
Stranger: oh sweet Jesus i wont mention relationships
You: keep it simple
You: tell the truth
Stranger: NO BUT LIKE we never talked apart from texting cause hes a year older
You: hmm well then its like meeting you for the first time isnt it
You: =)
You: he'll like you extra
Stranger: haha
You: if he says he can't, dont be cool and say okay, go like, aaauuuugh! and be pissed
You: and make him
Stranger: well I mean my friend JUST told me like 2 seconds ago that he is def going (it was on his facebook)
You: are you serious
Stranger: yeah fuck my life
You: then call him and tell him your friend told you that
You: and your going too
You: and you should go 2gether
Stranger: oh yes I'm sure he wont think i'm a stalker now
You: yeah you should ask
You: or make shure
You: no! your not stalking..your friend told you
You: truth
Stranger: okay well first i should force someone to see if hes bringing anyone anyway
You: maybe you could ask
You: call and ask..? or maybe not..maybe check first
You: i dont know
Stranger: okay i'll try
You: i think you should call and ask
Stranger: I think I shouldn't cause we've never talked on the phone.
You: no that means you def should
You: call and not txt
You: remember: be direct, truthful, keep it simple
You: your not hiding anything
Stranger: but like, we never talk in real life
You: calling after texting is delightful
Stranger: and my voice will be shaky and stuff cause i'lll be having a fit or seizure or something\
You: maybe u should re-lax
Stranger: good idea. it would be easier if he was unattractive though.
You: hmm
You: i would just call, when im relaxed, and say so and so told you you were going to x concert, im going to, you should go 2gether, and then ask who he is going with cause you dont know anybody who likes that
You: and you dont want to go by yourself
You: if hes going with 1 girl, oh well nevermiiiind
You: and he wants you to go regardless of that…that owns, because you ruin that other girls day
Stranger: hah well that is awkward
You: nothing can be awkward if you dont make it awkward, it takes 2 people to be awkward
Stranger: you dont think its been too long?
You: no, its too long to txt
You: but not to call
You: grab his attention
Stranger: i've never called before!
You: its a cool coincidence that hes going
Stranger: i know but hes like going for sure now
Stranger: so its like alk sfnjksgn even wors
Stranger: worse*
You: check it out…if he knows your going after calling….even if he says no…he knows your gonna be there he HAS to look for you
You: if youve never talked..he DEFINATELY wants to see what your like
You: if you want to txt…better make it good. like "herd your going to joanna whatever…im going too :p"
You: he cant ignore that
You: 😛 is optional
Stranger: hahaha i might leave 😛 off BUT HE USED TO USE SMILES 🙂 AND it reassured me
You: i would :p but thats just me
Stranger: I'm not as confident as you
You: in txts you can be!
You: even if your not
You: phone its harder to mask
You: …no you cant
You: your friend told you
You: its been a year
Stranger: thats true
You: you cant be a staker after disapearing for a year
Stranger: okay but why are you so smart
You: thats ridiculous
You: cause im 21 this month
Stranger: thats a fun time
You: yeah right
Stranger: you can drink legally
You: like you dont
Stranger: haha i dont
You: you would if it was legal?
Stranger: no but i'd have the option
You: heh yeah…
You: oh well
Stranger: well thanks for your help!
You: np
You: thx :p


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