The power of being near water is powerful.   The mere energy and comfort water seems to  offer people who seek seems endless.

Today, I felt anxious and upset some things that I am dealing so I drove to a body of water.   It only took 30 minutes of sitting near the water, hearing the sounds, seeing the sea gulls, and seeing the water movement in the water from the wind to feel at peace and soothed.

It was a rough evening and morning but became better after my water visit.

I talked to someone who is experiencing the emotional pain of letting someone go from their life who wasn’t good for them.   We talked about how being empathic is so good in some ways yet it can be draining feeling others pain. Even though most people have good in them doesn’t mean that they have enough good to be in our lives.   It is our job to protect ourselves.   Who else is going to love us fully if we can’t love and protect ourselves!

Sending hugs and love to everyone,





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