I would wake up early in the morning immediately after the sun breaks the clouds,  just to look myself in the mirror, Just to see how wonderful God created me.

Before I started taking my medicines, first I though with HIV and with no medicines but only fruits, life will still move on, but after sometimes I realized I was lying to myself, my beauty was fading,  telling my dear mirror “I don’t want see you anymore, because you make me look ugly.”

I decided to let go my ignorance, said not to the HIV costume that was taking over my beauty, and  walked myself back to the Health Facility, told my Nurse “I am now ready!!” she asked “ready for what,” and I replied “ready for my medication” I saw in her eyes that she didn’t  remember what I meant, I had to start explaining, but before I could reach middle of my narration, she stopped me immediately, and said to me “ok, ok, I do understand!! I remember” from there is when my journey to treatment started.

Since starting my HIV treatment, I have come to realize that, there was a beauty from the creator that was starting to fade away, It was being eaten by the virus slowly by slowly. Now I know the virus is not a friend but a deadly successor!!! which can take over your beauty, your body, and escort you to a place you never though of being there earlier.


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