Is it so necessary to know where you’re going in life? Can I not drift through the breeze like a leaf if I please? Or spin in circles staring at the stars? Or dance foolishly in a bar full of insecure people pretending to be who they aren’t, lights flashing, music blaring? Or sit on the couch for a week sobbing? Maybe I’m not making the most of my life but who is? Everyones version of a fulfilling life is different.

One womans goal in life may include having a boat load of kids. She looks to another woman that wants to be a chef and own a restaurant, she just doesn’t see the importance or enjoyment. She is proud of her own life with tons of children and sees it as fulfilling and¬†stares at the other woman thinking “it’s a waste of her precious time, she could be having kids by now.”

Everyone has a different version of life they are brought into, everyone is heading in a different direction with all sorts of opinions and beliefs.

So why is it anyone’s concern of what I do with my own?

I appreciate support groups, I appreciate opinions of family and friends, it really amazes me that humans care for other humans, some in which they really don’t really know much about.

I mean nothing negative by any of the things I’m saying. I love the fact that people care in general, most anyway. And that some people care about me. It’s just interesting to me that we all are headed in a different direction yet we connect with people. People we are similar to, people we don’t have much in common with, we relate to each other.

On that same note it’s kind of awful that people in our lives and even schools tell us what we should be. Or how we should be interested in something. Or that we have to have our mind made up on what we are going to do with the rest of our lives by the time we reach the age of 11. What career we go into, why do schools care? It’s not like they will prepare us for what career we want to go into anyway, it’s all just basis knowledge. Even saying that feels like a bit of a reach.

Anyhow, it’s all very interesting what some people say isn’t acceptable on what to do or how to act but then you go out there and manage to find a whole lot of people you connect with and it’s all good. It’s acceptable.


I don’t know, I didn’t have anything new to say but I wanted to write something. It was a thought I semi frequently have.

So that was that-the end and good day to you all.



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