does anyone feel like they have just tried and tried to do right but nothing ever happens to be good enough… lol that is me rn! I feel like a waste of a human being by just trying to have a break but it never happens. Im tired of feeling stuck and lonely and always wind up doing everything wrong 🙁 … I wish I could make somebody proud by doing the things i do… I help out people all the time but always feel down when i let a person down…anyone feel this way??

  1. 23skuhn 6 months ago

    i do all the time
    i rly know how u feel
    life is so complicating and no seems to see the good things u do just the flaws
    maybe we can talk if u want

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  2. sherin 6 months ago

    Hey… I know exactly how that feels… It’s long shot but we can still try to make us feel better

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