What is better to going outside to warm up a car on a very cold day or staying cozy in warm bed in a bed warm room with a 🔥 fireplace crackling?

The bed wins for being pleasant!

The secrets to making warming up the car more pleasant are….

-keeping a warm fuzzy blanket in the house to use in car 🚙 in the morning  (bonus toss the blanket in the clothes dryer before taking it outside)

– keep gloves overnight by the floor vent to feel warm

-either wear warm pajamas with clothes on open, layer with long under wear under clothes or equine long underwear leggings under clothes

– wear fuzzy or wool socks 🧦

-wear warm boots 👢

– wear a winter hat

– wear a fleece or wood scarf  🧣

-make some hot chocolate 🍫 ☕️

-wear a warm face mask 😷 to keep face warm from walking outside and while m

– a not waxy lip moisture product and also it can’t be greasy   The wax type ones turn into a candle feel on your lips  and the greasy ones stain your warm mask 😷 or scarf that may be wrapped around your mouth

Why do I sit on the car while it warms up? If your car is stolen while warming up and it is unattended, you risk a ticket when you report a car stolen.

It is possible that your insurance may have chance to not replace your car    The thief can lie and say that you loaned the car to them! Every state and country has different laws on this matter though




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