i work at a college and at my post we get many general questions. we probably get questions pertaining to about over half of the possible amount of questions that could possibly be asked. i am confident that i know a solid answer for 90% of these questions. my style of dealing with patrons is to get to the bottom line and give a straight but informative answer. usually i’m preoccupied with ensuring that the patron understands me and i feel i’ve done my absolute best to answer the question. unfortunately, i sacrifice what i would call “cuddling” the patron and in turn, makes me appear irritable because of many people’s tendencies to repeatedly ask the same question, speak low, beat around the bush, hustle me, etc. for example, one young and seemingly shady person came by and claimed we scheduled him today when it was tomorrow and produced a crude appointment slip i know i didn’t write. that irritated me just now and i sternly, maybe, in his mind, harshly told him to stick to his appointment time. also i was frustrated by a colleague who continually makes common sense bad judgement calls. this instance, a student had come by my area instead of his area when the colleague was in fact in another office way far away. the only thing we have in common is the word “counseling” but we are quite a distance between another. this could have been avoided if the colleague used common sense and at the very least ensure his appointments know where to meet him. i don’t want to sound like i’m defending myself but i think things through and then take action in order to avoid hassle and it really seems like many people aren’t concerned with that. i’ve even begun advising my staff to repeat appointments in military time. what i realize i do the same and don’t know either. i would feel like a decent person and not a jerk if i could be a bit more patient. at the same time, my experiences and successes are formed by me with the professionalism i use today and it appears to people that i’m strict, rude, mean but i would just call it being blunt and “hey buddy, i’ve got dozens of people to help here.” and am not “angelic” enough to spend 5 minutes when i know i can get it done in a minute or less. just need some patience techniques.


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