Why am I up at 10:50 pm knowing I have to be up at 4:00 a.m.?

I want to knock off a one more tasks off tomorrow to do list! The kitchen garbage has been taken out.   The laundry 🧺 is going right now and I want to finish it before going to bed.   The dishwasher has been unloaded and re loaded.  The dogs have been bathed and their nails trimmed.  I washed my hair.  My clothes for the morning have been laid out to make the morning easier.

I am excited about shampooing carpets in the morning! Our house came with creamy slightly odd white carpet! It shows everything!

My daughter asked me to pick out two candles 🕯 from a candle store to buy them for me. I selected two citrus smelling ones!

What would you of selected?

Sweet dreams everyone!


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