W.B Nancy, I haven\'t been on alot myself lately and was wondering where you were. Still haven\'t got my SSI, all they will say is that they are still being processed. The best I\'ve done is have a Birthday at my Mom\'s and Step-Dad, Hank(our B-Day\'s on the same day) and there is 4 others with B-Days in April so it was a pretty big celebration.

OK, I know you all are waiting for a good snail story hehe….you have to wait for just the right time and be sure til wait for the strike of midnight, then you go outside with a pail and a flashlight, the kind that sticks onto your forehead is best. Then off a hunting you will go….the first exhibition is always best, if I counted correctly I gleemed 77 on the firsty night and only about 20 something the next, oh well there is always tomorrow.

Now, on a serious note, I lost a new friend. She didn\'t die, but this was a girl I thought would be a good friend……we got in a fight about some childrens cowboy boots someone gave to her. The bag was in my garage, so I asked her if I could share and give a couple to my neighbors little girl. I live in a duplex and my neighbors are Mexican, the little girl named Julie, and the only one who speaks English, well, to make a long story short, she said No. I find out from her words that she doesn\'t want to give any Spic anything of hers. I\'m glad I found out now that she is a racist bigot. I\'ve known her for a couple months and had never seen this side of her, how sad…..Well that\'s all my excitment……Byeeee


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