Ok, so I'm here for my 6 month check up! I hope everyone is doing okay & hopefully the pettyness of the tribe has passed. Things have been going very well on all things in my life and I am grateful for the solidarity. I have not smoked any cigars since new years & have been training at an MMA gym also for part of my New Years resolution (that went hand in hand with not smoking cigars). Will be coldpressman – helping out my training partner ringside with his RFC MMA fight the 27th. Went back to Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic with Shakira for two weeks in April and had a blast visiting her family. I really have a very loving and great wife……finally! Had to get another passport (damn Dept. of State and thier regulations, I had pages left – kinda) and we are going to St. Maarten next month for my "Bucket List" to do the whole Sunset Beach by the runway while 747's fly a dozen feet overhead trying to land on the runway (youtube it, you'll see) & then going to our timeshare at the end of the month. Starting a brand new mail order company, got first production order run and inventoried!!! Very excited about that. Had to sign closings for two houses that our investment group bought this past July – one 4 bedroom with a pool & one duplex; so will be fixing these props up in the next few weeks. I was against the duplex but our main investor from England wanted it – damn British! LOL. I wish everyone well, perhaps will check back in more than once every six months….if you wish more contact from me, friend me on FB as long as you don't talk about HIV every second of every FB blog. – B


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