My mum and my grandma n pop…

Last Saturday mum n I took Marley to grandma n pops to see Harvey (their dog) and well I am sick to fucken death of none of them listening to me, when it comes to my dog. Its like they all think I am stupid and everything I say is crap. Marley frequently tries to hump mum, and I always tell her to stand up, turn away and fold her arms… and all I get is " I dont need to do that" and all I can think is… well yeah you do, he tried it with me a few times and when I would stand up and turn away from him, after about 3 times, he got the message and has not done it sinse. So CLEARLY my plan works way better than hers.


TWO: Marley honestly does not respond to force, you cannot force him to do anything, he is stubburn and freezes up and will not move if you try and force its clearly not the way to get him to do what you want and all they want to do is force the poor bugger and obviously it doesn't work and they usually end up picking a 30kg dog up, they're gonna pull something one day, he is still a little timid and just needs a little more patients and Marley is still pretty scared of pop and he just keeps forcing himself onto my dog, and poor Marls has this terrified look on his face, tail between his legs and tries to get away from him, yet pop thinks "oh he'll be right" and mum n grandma follow suit "oh he'll be fine" I am aware he will be fine and has to learn to trust people, but a scared dog can very easily turn around and bite some one and I would hate for him to bite any one out of fear, but GOD they dont understand, no matter how much i "calmly" say so.


THREE: Naturally when the dogs met up and were doing ok, the dominance started between them, trying to gain power, standing over I do not mind, but humping I will not tolerate, Harvey tried to molest Marley and pop quickly broke that up, which was fine by me, but when I kept distracting Marley from humping I got told 'dont worry its natural" I know it is natural but I dont want him doing that for many reasons 1. Marley could crush Harvey with one paw, imagine what his whole body could do. 2. when in public I dont not want him to mount other dogs, because if one were a prise winning pure bred and he hopped on board, the owner would have a fit that their baby is being humped by a mutt!!! 3. If he pulled the moves on a dominant female… all hell could break loose and I dont want him to develop a fear of other dogs. And the stupid part of it was, they thought I didnt want them humping because I thought it was "gay" I mean c'mon I am not stupid, I have owned dogs before, I know what mounting is a sign of and when I said "I know what mounting means" I got… "oh do ya?" YES I FUCKEN DO!!!  I do not think my reasons are stupid I think they are logical and I am being considerate of every one else. And pop kept telling Marley off for trying to stand over Harvey yet will allow humping, I was thinking make up your fucking mind, either let him or dont. And I think they should all bloody respect my choice in what I let me dog do and dont do, for fuck sake, he is mine. I wouldn't let a dog on the couch if the owner didn't allow it at their home, its bloody called respect follow the dog owners rules when it comes to their dog, is it not common bloody sense? and pop tried to say "well what if we didn't want you dying your hair any more?" I just said it doesn't matter, but its my hair I do what I want… just like its my dog and I'll do what I want, it didnt even make sense it just inforced my feelings even more, they are both mine and I will do as I please and its not like I am allowing Marley to naughty and an unpleasant dog.

FOUR: mum thinks she can automatically become "pack leader" not gonna happen unless you earn the dogs respect, I try and tell her how to bring her self up higher in the 'pack' but she just says "he'll know" well he fucken doesn't, he refuses to listen to mum, he always tries and dominates her in humping and standing over her. I just want to scream "just do what I say and it will all work out fine for every one!!!"


None of them have put any time and effort into researching dogs and their behaviour, I have read for hours and watched hours of shows and treaning vidoes and everything to make sure I can do the best that I can and so I can bring up a well behaved dog and a properly trained and polite dog and they throw all my advise out the fucking window. None of them spend time with him, none of them really know what he is like and how he responds to different methods and if they just fucken listened to me, they would have no problems. No matter how many times and try and say most of this stuff it falls of fucked deaf ears and its fuckin pissing me off.


I hate hate hate getting angry with my family but how the fuck do I get these people to take what I say seriously and to actually listen and atleast try my methods, it also made me think, is this what its gonna be like when I have kids, be fucken under minded all the time? be treated like I know jack shit? I dont want to yell at them but explain calmly doesn't work, explaining with a stern voice doesn't work… I am ready to bring on the tears and see if that fuckin works, I dont know what else to do…

  1. Tara 14 years ago

    Thankyou, you made me feel better about my feelings, and glad that I am not actually acting stupidly about this and that my reasons are valid, thankyou 🙂

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  2. RainIsComing 14 years ago

    you seem like a responsible pet owner and they need to stop projecting their ideals on you. Thats not fair.

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