Well it started with my leg's pain, was so strong that I asked a Jew guy where did he got pot in Lima, he told me to to Barranco (my favorite neigborhood, full of cute stuff) in a weekend night, so I went starting watching the hippie's stuff and asked a boy if he knew the people who sold pot. There was not a sexual click but a human one and we went to a park to smoke some and he gave me half a ciggie as gift.

Next week I went back he wasn't there but his sister was and she went and bought for me some we talked a lot I read her hands, we made friends with her and another gay guy but cute as hell.

Next time I didn't find them, but asked I remenbered talked with my friend about them: "They must be in the round plaza, downstairsW. Those stairs are about a quater kilometer!!!

That was a party, with tourist (the backpakers ones) from all over the world all sharing wine, beer and pot. Singing with an old guitar. People of all ages, mostly college people. I had a can of beer that I shared with all, they gave me house made wine, pot and pot, he didn't leave me a single moment, his name is the name of a German Classic Musician. He and his sister told me their dad was a commie Chilean, that he got a scholarship to Senati (Senati and Tecsup are technical schools where kids are genius, I taught in Tecsup and that looked and felt like Germany so much discipline and ordered).

Since then I think about him a lot (I'm a COugar!! He's in his 30sssss) we call each other and dated thrice, last one this sunday….. but we ended … oops so, I runned home to take a cold shower.

I know next time will be the bed one, but… I'm afraid to tell him I'm HIV, he's cultured an artist and now is working again. So… I must tell him I'm HIV, I'll wait until he's stoned or run beforeeeeeeee

Prune, intellectual Gigi is turned into a HIppie, lol


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