As a child growing up I did some things a little strange. I seemed to be a little more cautious about germs than others. I had a hard time sharing soda with someone. Even in my own home I sometimes put toilet paper down on the toilet before using it.
In the spirtual area as a teenager I would often pray obsessivly about sin issues. But it would be a bit unsual, like praying for forgiveness about a meal that I forgot to pray about. Not really even remembering the meal that I forgot to pray about. Or considering smoking wrong and being a smoker I would sometimes try and pray for each indivual ciggerete I had smoked that day.

But even in all this, my life was relativly free from any severe OCD.
It wasn’t until the year 2002 that OCD became a major problem for me. In the year 2002 I went to a Christian school in Australia. That’s when my OCD kicked into full gear and it seemed to happen overnight.
We had a speaker on the school who spoke alot about the confession of sins. And he stongly urged the students to confess their sins in front of the class. So after a long contemplation to weather or not I should confess my sins I decided to.So I did, but it was strang even after I did I worried that maybe I hadn’t confessed my sins quite right or that I had left something out. So I went back in front of the class and tried to make a better confession. But some new sin would always come up. Even after the speaker left. I would always remember some sin (real sin or imagined) and would feel intense axiety unless I confessed it to someone.
It no longer sufficed to confess it to God, I had to find some other person to confess to. Then I started having intrusive thoughts. And to get rid of the guilt and axiety I would have to find someone to confess it to.

This blog is just on how my ocd started. It would take a full length book to go into all the different obsessions and compulsions i’ve had.

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  1. riverwillowninja 16 years ago

    Oh good gracious i have horrible intrusive thoughts too, pretty much that is my main problem :(.

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