Sometimes, mostly when alone, things start to feel slower. The quiet seeps in, and often I find myself hiding behind music to mask the loneliness that comes with that. Lately, due to the fact that I have been trying harder to bring more positivity into my life, I have been trying to find new ways to embrace these quiet, sad moments.

Books: A good book can boost my mood quickly, and some books can be therapeutic. One book I’m reading right now, titled “We Are Okay” by author Nina LaCour, is helping me work through some grief that I still have after loosing my grandfather in 2014. The book focuses on a college student who reunites with an old friend, and is forced to face the memories she tried to run away from. It’s an emotional book, but well written, and is helping me to reanalyze my behavior after my grandfather passed.

Cleaning: Though it just sounds like something your parents told you to get housework done, it does make you feel better to have a clean house, or at least a clean bedroom. My favorite places to clean are the bathroom or the kitchen, as these are the places where cleanliness is the most important to me. The best part is that after it’s all clean, you could either take a bath or make a snack, and that’s great either way. Getting things done can make you feel productive, and boost your confidence at least a tiny bit.

Lists: this is a trick an ex of mine taught me that I still do today. Making lists, no matter what it is, usually helps me feel better because I’m organized. Grocery lists, things I need to do for school, and things I need to accomplish are my day to day lists, but sometimes it helps to make a list of the things you think are beautiful, or things that make you happy, or just your favorite flowers in order from least to greatest. Any kind of list can help with productivity and feeling better.

Despite all of these things I do during this quiet time to feel better, sometimes it is good to just… be sad. Work through those negative emotions, as long as you’re safe. Understand that you’re sad now, but that this feeling and this moment and this sadness won’t last forever. Understand that better things can and will come your way. Understand that you are not alone. Embrace the quiet, and stay safe.


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