By: Dr. Jigsaw Quietus (AKA; George Bilunka) <[email protected]>

Even though the substance abuser’s now-discombobulated ecosystem, that their choices have created, can exert a powerful grip on their life, they can overcome it. I’m here to explain how. The substance abuser can re-wire their brain to work for them, by first dismissing the feedback that it has so successfully been selling them, and choosing to behave in a more healthy, adaptive way. The purpose of this presentation is to provide a biological understanding of how the brain should be functioning in comparison with what a substance abuser’s addictive behaviors has achieved. I will provide an innovative, empowering method of how to reconstruct the brain’s circuitry. My goal is to teach you how to help the substance abuser to identify and demystify their misleading brain messages, so they can defend their true nature in hope of developing healthy neural networks and pathways that promote living a fulfilling life free of uninvited thoughts, emotions, urges, and sensations. They will come to discover that they do not struggle with themselves but are dealing with their brain’s flawed functionality. Hopefully, they can break away from the pain and leave all the acquired bullshit and suffering in the past. They can again discover who they truly are and not what their addictive brain has imposed upon them. They will learn how to put their true selves back in control for the rest of their lives. This mental dysfunction of addiction can develop in people despite their best intentions or the strengths of their character. Drug addiction is especially insidious because it affects the very brain areas that people need to “think straight,” apply good judgment and make good decisions for their lives. After all, no one wants to be a slave to an addicted brain. I stand firm on the idea that they are NOT the addict. They “unintentionally” led their brain into an addictive condition; however, they are not their brain! They are themselves, and their brain is their brain. The two are not the same and they are not hopeless. They do have a purpose in this world. My words to them: “You are not your Brain!” Return to discover more of; “You are not your Brain…”


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