I was an addict essentially since I was 15 years old.  I have been sober since 11/18/2015. Not a drug of any kind since. When I got clean my drugs of choice were opiates. Went from pain pills to heroin. It was a long road. I hit rock bottom and was tired of being sick and tired. So I did it. I have done things that no sane person would do. I have seen things that no one should see. I love helping others who are just like me. If someone needs to talk, I will listen. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. I have been through hell and back and I made it. If I can make it you can too. I lost my niece at 15 to an OD from heroin. Her first time and shes gone. I have lost too many people. Too many people are dying and if I can help just one I would be happy. I don’t judge, how can I from the things I have done. You don’t know me, but you got a friend in me. I always say eyes on tomorrow. That keeps me going.

There are people like you, there are people who have been there, feeling what you are feeling. I am one of them and I cannot stress it enough, you can do this. You can be clean. You just have to want it, truly want it. If you don’t it will never work. You have to find something else to love more than your drug of choice. That will get you there. I’m not trying to be a therapist, but I have lived it, been there, done imaginable things. My addiction was a full time job. If you want to add me I am here.


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