Everything has been so up and down lately it's hard to remember all that has gone on. Things got really bad then improved for the past 2 or 3 weeks but now seem to be going downhill again. It seems that any time my husband has an issue with his ex and their custody case, it somehowturns into we have accomplished nothing since being marriedand suddenly our marriage needs to end. I understand him being upset but in regards to his custody case I do so much for him that I really don't deserve to be threatened any time he is frustrated with it.

What makes it even worse though is how he goes back and forth so quickly between talking about it normally to wanting to divorce me and wanting me gone.

The absolute worst part of the current situation though is the fact that we are supposed to be leaving on vacation to disney worldwith his daughter on sunday. It was our wedding present from my parents so it's completleypaid for,which is nice because we arehaving money issues lately. The judge approved it tentatively, the ex reluctantly agreed to the tripand we just needed to say his ex could have temporary custody and then we could go. The past 3 court dates neither she or her lawyer were there so nothing got done. This has been going on since March 31 so there is no excuse for it. Now the mother is claiming the child cannot go in an airplane due to going deaf, which is total bs. I don't think the child went deaf in a week with no prior issues. We have court again friday but I have a feeling that even if we get it approved she just won't show up to drop the kid off on sunday. We all really need this vacationbut his ex is too worried about making herself happy to care what she is doing to the kid or anyone else.


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